Saturday, April 2, 2011

Look at these faces!

I seem to be very sporadic in my blog posting lately.  I apologize, but life has been crazy the last little while.  As I am not making a living from this blog, it is the first thing to go :)

The focal point of my week was a presentation for Compassion International.  I presented at my MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) group.  This was my first presentation for Compassion and I am so thankful to the Lord that it went well.
Compassion Sunday is a national event whose purpose is "to draw the attention of the Church to the needs of the world's poorest children. It's a powerful opportunity for God to use you to share with the members of your family His deep love for children – and show how each of us can intervene in the life of at least one child in poverty through sponsorship."  Clearly my event was on a Thursday, but it was still a Compassion Sunday event.  They have prepared all the materials for sponsors like me to present the needs of these precious children to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I am so pleased to say that 2 of the children were sponsored at the event and a few others are in discussions with their spouses about sponsoring a child.

I do have 5 packets left, and was able to request the photos so that I may show you these dear children in the hopes that someone would be able to sponsor them, or be in prayer that sponsors would be found.

This is Ana from Mexico.  Her birthday is November 17th, 2002.  Singing, bicycling and reading are her favorite activities.

This is Iris from Ecuador.  Her birthday is January 14, 2002.  She lives with her mother and there are 10 children in her family.  Playing house and playing with dolls are her favorite activities.

This is Kelvin from Honduras.  His birthday is February 1, 2003.  Art, bicycling and playing group games are his favorite activities.

This is Satrio from Indonesia.  His birthday is February 3, 2006.  Playing with cars is Satrio's favorite activity.
This is Upendo from Tanzania.  Her birthday is March 18, 2003.  She lives with her grandmother and there are 3 children in her family.  Ping pong, telling stories and art are her favorite activities.
 If you are interested in sponsoring one of these children please send me a message or leave a comment and I'll give you the instructions on how to sponsor them.  All of these children's packets expire on April 29th.  At that point they will be re-entered into the system and will be available to others again, or maybe sent to another Compassion event.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of these sweet children.

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