Monday, April 11, 2011

The Final First Letter!!!

Hmm??  You must be wondering... "Has she finally lost it?"

How can there be a final first letter?

Well here, as in Bible study, context is extremely important.

As you can see by the right side of my page, we sponsor a number of children in developing countries.  We've gotten first letters from all but one of our "new" Compassion children and finally, on Saturday, we got our final first letter :)

Now, really and truly, it was a very short time in transit and translation.  Just slightly over a month.  The date on the letter from Denisse was March 3 and we received it on April 9!  That is possibly the fastest...  Camilo's also came very quickly for the first one.  I'll have to double check, but it was around 1 month too.  Often it can be 2-4 months.  All of our children are in Central and South America and the average so far is around 2 months. 

Of course, said letter is upstairs in my binder, and I'm sleepy, warm, and snuggled into my rocker recliner...  so quotes will have to wait till next time :)

Denisse is young, 5, so it is written by her tutor, but it's still such a blessing to get an letter with her thoughts, even if written by another.

Praise the Lord!

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