Monday, February 7, 2011

Mulitudes on Monday

101. opening an envelope in which you expect a bill, only to find they've sent you a check for an overpayment
102.  receiving two letters from two sponsor children in two days
103. snuggles with hubby and kiddos on Saturday mornings
104. caring so much that a phone call can derail a day's activities
105. bulbs poking up through the ground in February (live little plants!)
106. gazing into the night sky and seeing Orion's belt and the Big Dipper and realizing that though family is far, they still see the same stars we do (thank you, an American Tail :-) )
107. Mom telling me of her first "executive" decision
108. Grief Share journey & journeyers
109. Sunshine Sentiments
110. photo slideshow screensavers
111. amazing architecture
112. sweet helpers at Puggles & Cubbies
113. rushing home to wings and pizza and the 45th edition of the Super Bowl and enjoying the time with friends more than the game (I'm sure I'll be in trouble for this one... )
114. missing the last half and watching the One Thousand Gifts (in)courage Chapter One video :)

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