Friday, February 11, 2011


I posted my additions to my One Thousand Gifts list on Monday morning and that's all I've written this week.  And I'm afraid what I write today will be a little rambly too...

I've just had a heavy heart with a lot of things going on and not all of them positive.  However, a meeting that Super-Awesome was attending last night, apart from being surreal, went better than most had expected.  That lifts some of the weight off my heart, but now Super Beautiful is suffering from a bit of a cold and is home from school today... so I see/hear a lot of videos in the near future.

I am so very proud and blessed to be married to Super-Awesome.  He is a man of convictions and strength and dignity.  He cares about others and puts others first.  He is a great father and a great husband and I am totally blessed and thankful to call him mine for the rest of our lives here on earth.

And who knows how long that will be?  I want to treasure each moment and live fully right where I am.  I've been going to the GriefShare program at a local church and while it has been a help to actively deal with the loss of my dad and the upcoming 1st anniversary of his death, it is also hard to actively deal with grief when you're used to just pushing it away and living your busy - with small children- life. 

So, like I said, rambly...  and more than five minutes, I'm sure, but there-- something is out.

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