Monday, February 14, 2011

The Language of Love

Ah, Valentine's Day...  second only to Christmas for number of cards bought for this occasion...

I received a beautiful one this morning.  With an even nicer message inside :)

I paced by the window all day waiting for Super-Awesome's gift from me to arrive via FedEx...  and then it came.  It is now wrapped and waiting for him, but I don't have a card...  but I do have a bunch of crafty stuff and I can make him an old fashioned Valentine.  He might even like that better...

You see, Super-Awesome and I speak different love languages according to Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages.  Although, I was sick and unable to attend our Parenting class at church last night the subject did come up and then in perusing Lisa-Jo's blog this morning I was reminded and even found a online assessment that you can take to figure out just what your love language is.

As any normal female would, I took the test twice, just to be sure...  and well the results didn't really surprise me.  The first time my two strongest languages were Receiving Gifts and Words of Affirmation.  The second time around I got Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, and Words of Affirmation.

Super-Awesome is definitely an Acts of Service kind of guy, with some Quality Time thrown in.  I'm going to have him take the assessment just to double check; but that is what we've discovered in the past.  So you might already see a problem... I ordered him a gift for Valentine's Day, but his love language is not Receiving Gifts...  Mine is...   We tend to show love in the way that we want to receive love, according to Gary Chapman's book.

I hope I've matured a little, though, because although this is a gift it also is designed for quality time.  (No, I'm not telling you what I got him! He could read this before getting home, you know, and then the wrapping would be obsolete!)

Rambling, must be the cold medicine!

It is Monday, so my Multitudes on Monday are going to feature my dear Super-Awesome:

115.  a sweet husband who brings me home chocolate well before Valentine's day
116. having a date night and learning another new thing about him even after almost 10 years
117. that he loves the children and me so very much
118. that he does laundry, dishes, and all manner of other helpful things for a wife who needs help
119. he keeps trying even though his immature wife (sometimes in the past) has scorned his thoughtful, meaningful gifts (silly wife)
120. he planned our romantic date night
121. he shares his food choices with me
122. he reads his Bible and prays every day and grows, grows, grows
123. he loves the Lord first, me second and the kids third, as it should be
124. he works hard to provide for his family
125. he works hard at home after he's worked hard at work
126. he's a good listener
127. he makes good decisions
128. he leads his family well
129. he has been locked in for almost 10 years now!
130. he's Super-Awesome, handsome, thoughtful, kind, caring, considerate, and don't forget manly!

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