Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Expectation

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"Fridays are for writing for five minutes.
Only five minutes.
Stream-of-consciousness style. Like you did when you were in 9th grade.
Write and see what comes out. There’s no right or wrong.
Got 5 minutes? Come and spend them writing"


Five Minutes, eh?
I think I need more that that today ;-)

Our heads are spinning today.  Last Friday, I wrote on the topic SEE, and last week we had no idea what God had in store for us.

This week we have been showered with blessings and options.  All since Tuesday at 2pm.  

On Tuesday, Super-Awesome was contacted by two Canadian universities who had shortlisted him for the jobs he had applied for with them.  Not one, but two,  in one day!

On Wednesday, he spoke further with one of those two universities to clarify some questions he had.

On Thursday, that same university called back to begin arranging an interview time, in person, potentially next Thursday.  We also booked our moving truck for loading next Saturday.  Just before bed, Super-Awesome checked his e-mail and there was an automated e-mail announcing that he had been shortlisted for a job with them.  This university is not in the US or Canada!!!

On Friday... (today) He got an e-mail from a real person at the overseas university setting up a Skype interview for next Friday.  Within an hour of that, his boss here came and talked to him about a proposal if these other things fall through.

Expectation?  Um, I have no idea.  However, I am so thankful, that God does!  We'd appreciate your prayers for discernment and wisdom and peace and focus for us and particularly Super-Awesome as he finishes up his work here, but keeps getting these calls and e-mails that have a high distraction factor (good, but still very distracting).

May I never cease to be amazed by how AWESOME our God is!

P.S.  There are still about 5 other applications out there, so there's no telling what Monday will bring ;-)