Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mail Call Monday... erm Tuesday - Katherine!

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We received a letter from Katherine on Tuesday, December 27th (there being no mail on the 26th), so I have high hopes for my trip to the mailbox today after yesterday's postal holiday.

Katherine, who lives in Nicaragua, wrote us a short and sweet letter.  She celebrated her 10th birthday in October and this letter was a combined Christmas letter and Thank You letter.  Sadly, no photo but lovely words.

Hi dear Sponsor,
God bless you!  My grandma and I are happy and thankful because of the gift.  We pray for God bless you always.  I am so happy because I bought so many things:  a skirt, 2 blouses, sandals, slippers, underwear, toys for my sister and socks.  Thank you for your help.  Christmas is coming.  What are you going to do on Christmas?  All the families here get together to have dinner; I think that you do the same.  I hope that you receive many presents.  I ask you to pray for my Mom, for my grandma, for my sister and for me.  Love and farewell,


Planning to send off a round of letters today via Compassion's online writing tool.  Have been meaning to write to the children about our trip to the animal safari and my now infamous camel bite!

Have a blessed day!