Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A big week of letters!

So, my last post was a Mail Call Monday post, 2 weeks ago.  While happy to receive a book, I hadn't received any letters from my sponsor children.  That was January 9th and I posted before I checked the mail.  That week I got letters on Monday (Allan), Friday (Tania, Andres) and Saturday (Allan again).  It was a deluge, a downpour of letter blessings!   4 in one week!  That has never happened before!  I was so excited!
Here are some photos of their letters:

Allan & Tania are both from Ecuador and this is their "Reciprocal Letter" paper.  Andres' is different; he's from Guatemala.

Allan's letter.  Pardon my "white out", it is to protect both Allan and my family :-)

The back of Andres' letter, with the translation.  Check out his great Christmas drawings!

Allan's drawings!

Tania always incorporates Bible verses into her drawings:  God is love (center of flower),  He is my strength and my help (left circle), I can do everything in Christ (right circle),  quietness, confidence (left leaves), peace, reason (right leaves).
What a blessing these letters have been to me.  I love these kids!!!

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