Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year on the way!

I don't have a reflection on the past year.  I should.  Maybe tomorrow I'll put Super-Awesome's Christmas letter up for you to read, that's a good synopsis of our past year, and funny too!

However, as today arrived I worked on finding two tools to help my New Year get off to a good start.

The first was a new Bible Reading Plan.  Last year I did a chronological plan for the first time and enjoyed it, but I wanted something different for this year.  After checking out two great blogs (here and here) which have a number of different plans described for you, I have decided to try Grant Horner's reading system.

The second was a grocery list... you laugh.  Can't I just write a grocery list down each week?  Yes, but I wanted a comprehensive list that had everything (or at least almost everything) that I could possibly need from the store, so that as the week/month went by if I ran out of something, I could highlight the list and then bring it it to the store.  I found an amazing... no wait, wrong word... the Ultimatest... (yes, that's what they've called it)...  The Ultimatest Grocery list here.  Here's a teaser of what it looks like ;-)

 You can print it off as is (note the Carcinogen section!  Or Super-Awesome's favorite in the baked goods "Pie!Pie!Pie!") or edit your own (didn't need the Carcinogen section, or even the far less cancer-causing Pets section) and print it off.

Happy 2012!