Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas to me from Compassion!

The wonderful folks at Compassion gave me a gift for Christmas.  A new photo of Andres Camilo.  I've been sponsoring Andres since October 2010 and this is the first new official picture I've received.  So excited to see how he's grown.

I sent out letters today and I have taken a photo of the letter and goodies that I am sending to Andres Camilo.  I need to also highlight some wonderful people who contributed some of the goodies that I am sending to the children in this mailing.

Take a look at this letter and these goodies.  First person I need to thank is Kelly Robey from Kelly Alison Photography.  I won a Facebook contest through Kelly's studio.  I won a photo session and so we had her photograph our family.  So the two pictures of our family were taken by Kelly. Fabulous aren't they?  

Next, as a follower of Michelle Wright's blog Blogging from the Boonies, I entered one of her contests and won 25 Shutterfly cards.  If you look at the top right corner you'll see one of the cards that I had made from those 25.  It features all of our sponsor children and then 1 John 4:11 on the back in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.  

Last, but not least, in my streak of winning things to benefit my sponsor kids, I entered a contest to win a correspondence kit from Jill at Compassion Family.  Guess what?  I did win it!  I chose a kit for a young boy, as I have two of those in my sponsorship family and I have a harder time to find cute papers for them.  So the paper with the animals around it came from Jill.   A big thanks to all of these ladies!   I'm pretty sure Andres Camilo, and the other children, will enjoy all these wonderful goodies!