Monday, October 24, 2011

Mail Call Monday!

Hey everyone,

I'm joining in with Michelle over at Blogging from the Boonies and Mail Call Monday.

I had been becoming desperate as the last letter I'd received from any of the children had been on September 12th.  But this Saturday a letter came from sweet Allan in Ecuador.  I posted about him here.

What caught my attention was the date that Allan's letter was written:  April 30, 2011!!!  I've received other letters that he's written since then, but this one somehow got lost somewhere.  I'm so thankful it has arrived.

Here's an excerpt:

I greet you in our Heavenly Jesus Christ's love.  [...] He tells you about his eldest brother, his name is Anderson, he likes athletics, soccer.  The youngest brother is called Marcelo, he also likes soccer, he dreams to be a famous soccer player.  Allan dreams to be a policeman, so God and his family feel proud of him.  He thanks you for the photo, card, bookmark and postcard.  He would like to know: What dreams do you and your children have?  He says goodbye with a strong hug and many blessings.  May God always bless you.

Then today, when Super-Beautiful brought in the mail, there was another cream envelope!  And it was another from Allan.  Only this one was written on August 31.  This was a more accustomed amount of time for transit, translation and delivery:

I send you greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ's name asking God to bless you abundantly and keep you in good health.  this is Allan's tutor.  He says he enjoyed vacation in the project since he went on a vacation camp (VBS) from church.  They did some beautiful manual labor.  Besides he went on a trip to the city of Banos where he had a lot of fun.  He got into the pools and played a lot.  Then we ate some delicious food.  What do you and your family do for fun?

This was really neat to hear about his trip!  Super-Awesome and I were able to visit Banos when we were in Ecuador in 2003.  It is a city located near a volcano and has natural hot pools.  It would probably be about 2 hours away from where Allan lives by car or bus.

Praise God for these letters.  I'll be praying that more arrive in the mail box soon!


  1. How odd that your April letter took so long - but, all in God's timing :-)

    And, it's pretty cool that you've been to where Allan vacationed! What a great topic for you to write about :-) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, Emily. I appreciate it!!!