Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A letter! A letter!

I've been waiting for a letter from Camilo for a long time!  It feels like forever since his last one (which was received February 1st, but written in December).  And finally on Monday it came!

It was short and sweet and a thank you for the "help" we sent to him for his birthday.  I'm so glad we were able to send him a financial gift.  It really hits home to me just how needy his family is by what they purchased with this birthday money:  cookies, cereal, milk, drinks so that he can have snacks at school.  Those are a given here, my daughter takes a snack to school every day and it doesn't require a gift of birthday money to make it possible.  We are blessed and it is good to remember that not everyone is so blessed.

Today is Super-Map's birthday and our sponsor daughter Loury's birthday.  Again, I'm pretty sure their two days will be quite different and I pray that she is blessed today and has received our gift.  I look forward to hearing how she will use it.


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