Monday, May 2, 2011

Help Andrew Osenga go to space...

or at least help him record his new space-themed album in a spaceship set, which he and some lucky pals will construct!  There are only 4 days left of his Kickstarter Campaign!  Here's the promo:

For those of you not familiar with Andy Osenga, he is a fabulous singer/songwriter with a real heart for the Lord and the Lord's people.  I say "real" heart, because Andy shares the struggles he has faced through his music and words.  A few of my favorite songs include "Hold the Light" (on Caedmon's Call "Overdressed") and "Swing Wide the Glimmering Gates"(Letters to the Editor, Vol. 1) which, in a very few words that won't do them justice, speak to the struggles we can have as Christians.

He has another song which brings me to tears and makes me wonder how he can sing it without breaking down himself:  "Memory" which is a song told from the perspective of his grandfather after the death of his wife of many years.

Of course I must also mention the song that my family sings at the tops of our lungs on car rides and waiting to cross the border back into our home and native land:  "Canada".  Super-Beautiful's favorite line is "I'll be your mounty, you'll be my toque (rhymes with puke :-)... We can eat Timbits until we both... yaks are everywhere in Canada"... to which she has been trained to say "But yaks aren't everywhere in Canada".  We took a video, but of course she wouldn't say the line while on tape.  And of course, when I try to upload that video here, it doesn't work.  Just trust me when I say, it's adorable!

We've seen him several times on Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God tour, but were really blessed to attend a solo Andy Osenga concert in March of this year.  Getting to hear more of the stories about his songs and hearing a song from "Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut" was amazing.  We may have even convinced him to sing "Canada" south of the Mason-Dixon line with a can of pure Quebec maple syrup :)  Or maybe he was just going to sing that song anyway...  If you watch "Memory" by clicking the link above, you'll see that he comments about people not liking Rush, which indicates to me that he also sang "Canada" at the Danbury, CT show.  Just sayin'...  what's not to like about that song, it's so catchy and funny and mostly correct in facts about Canada.

Hope you get all the backers you need, Andy!

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