Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Evening entertainment

It seems that though my talents as an actress and singer have never hit the big time, maybe, just maybe, my kids will make it big and support me in my old age...

We seem to have a few of these shows a week.  Super-Beautiful will announce during supper that she will be singing for us.  We've had to limit it to songs she can actually tell us about, because once she told us she was going to sing 6 songs and mostly she just hmmmed and hawed about what she was going to sing.  Tonight, we said she could do one song.  She informed us that Super-Map was going to be her "act".  "Your opening act?" we asked.  "Yes, that" she replied.

So without further ado:  Super-Map opening for Super-Beautiful.  (This is actually his second opening act, we didn't have the forethought to capture his first one on camera...)

In case you didn't realize it, the words and music to that song were written and composed by Super-Beautiful.  :-)

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