Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Super Family

You may be wondering about our family.  If I'm married to "Super Awesome", then who, pray tell, am I?

Well, I'd be "Super Stunning", don't you know...

Hubs and I were named thus by our almost 5 year old daughter, "Super Beautiful".  And our  2 1/2 year old son got the name "Super Map".  And, you know, he's okay with that, being a super big fan of the real Super Map.

I've been thinking about starting a blog, and well, here it is...  started at least!

I'm hopeful that subsequent posts will perhaps be a little deeper and more insightful, but I also want to assure you that there should always be a little levity... because when you're Super Stunning, you can't always take yourself seriously!


  1. Took me a little bit, but I think I know who this is now. :)

  2. Awesome! I mean, Stunning! Thrilled you have a blog. :) Now I don't have to wait for the last Tuesday of the month...

    What is the "real" "Super Map"? Is that in Dora or something?

  3. Yes, Liz, the real Super Map is in Dora! You nailed it on the head :) He is usually just "Map" but there are some episodes where he dons a cape and becomes "Super Map".