Friday, January 28, 2011

Ah, eggs...

Super Map is absolutely fascinated with eggs.

  • He will only make eggs and nests if given play-doh. 
  • When he watches Peep, his favorite part is the opening song where Peep (still encased in his shell) rolls around bumping into all the other characters before hatching.  
  • His favorite episode is called  Quack Hatches An Egg,.  (coincidentally available online this week, check it out!)
  • If I leave my copy of One Thousand Gifts anywhere he can get it, he takes it away and gazes longingly at the blue eggs on the front, wishing them to crack.  
  • Small, flat, round decorative jewel stones take on egg-like features, and are often brought to me with a frantic "'is hatching!" 
  • Any spherical object is used as an egg.
  • Any time I have to crack eggs for a recipe he needs to be in on the action.
  • Pretend games are played where the children are protecting eggs.  Yesterday, the game involved "Orca eggs", and I felt that I had to step in and give them a lesson on mammalian biology.  They were non-plussed, but switched to Sea Krait eggs.  (Thank you, Go Diego Go! I'd never even heard of Sea Kraits before!)

His fascination stops at actually eating eggs.  I had some hard boiled eggs this morning and both Super Beautiful and Super Map wanted one.  I was pretty sure from the outset that neither of them would actually eat them (S.B. did eat a good portion of the white, but lost interest once she got to the yolk). S.M. had no interest in eating his.  He squirreled it away when both Super Awesome and myself weren't looking and later when I was checking on him for something else, he informed me that his egg was hatching, because it had a crack.

It did have a crack but I was slightly saddened to reveal to him it still wasn't going to hatch.

If I can find a farm that has their baby chicks come out of eggs and not USPS boxes, I think we'll be having a field trip this spring :)

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