Friday, September 7, 2012

3108 children to be sponsored by Sept. 30!

And I'm back!  It has been a several month hiatus from blogging as we didn't have a permanent home or even know where our permanent home was going to be when we left Virginia, but now we do and I'm blogging from my basement "office" nook.  More details about the saga in the following posts.  But now for the main event!

September is Blog Month for the Compassion Bloggers.  Compassion has set a goal of seeing 3108 children sponsored by the end of September and I'm here to share about why you should sponsor a child through Compassion International.

My own journey with Compassion started just under two years ago.  After moving to the US in 2009, from Canada, I *discovered* blogs  (apparently, they've been around a lot longer than since 2009, but that's the first that I started reading them regularly).  Lysa TerKeurst's was the first blog that I read after hearing her "Proverbs 31 Minute" segments on the radio.  She belongs to a group called (In)Courage, which in turn has other members who went on a Compassion Bloggers trip to Guatemala in September 2010 (Ann Voskamp & Lisa-Jo Baker).  I followed these posts avidly and felt very convicted to sponsor a child in Guatemala and another in Ecuador.  On October 1, 2010 that is what our family did.  We started sponsoring Andres in Guatemala and Allan in Ecuador.

Before I started sponsoring, I came across another blog:  Blogging from the Boonies.  Michelle's fervent passion that sponsors write to their children rubbed off on me and I committed myself to the Lord and to my sponsor children that I would write to them often.

Why sponsor with Compassion?
Compassion is Christ-Centered
                       - the good news of Jesus Christ is shared with all the children in the program
Compassion is Church-Based
                       - the Compassion projects are operated out of the local church
Compassion  is Child-Focused
                       - Compassion seeks to develop the whole child, spiritually, physically, economically and

Our family has been impacted by our partnership with Compassion.  The letters we receive come from very real children half a world away.  We are able to pray for them and send them love through this relationship.  Likewise, they share love with us and pray for us.  Our monthly sponsorship money provides so much for them, from school fees (if required by the government), to supplies, to tutoring, to Bible teaching, to medical assistance and in some cases supplementary food. 

I would ask you to click over to Michelle's Blogging from the Boonies blog  and then visit the Compassion site by clicking on one of her banners because the person who gets the most traffic and sponsorships referred from their blog this month has the opportunity to win a trip to visit their sponsor child and Michelle works tirelessly to help sponsors and children connect and I would love to see her be able to go to Ghana to visit Precious!

Even if you feel that this isn't the time for you to sponsor, I would beg of you to go to the Compassion site via Michelle's Blog and pray for 3 of the children listed there.  Pray that they would get sponsored.