Friday, April 20, 2012

Sad news

I've read enough child sponsorship blogs to know that when the phone rings and it's Compassion calling, it's not usually with the best news.  Yesterday, I received one of those phone calls.  Our correspondent child, Tania, has left the program.  Thankfully, there's a good reason why.  Her mother was able to find work in another town and so they are moving.  I will receive one final letter from Tania, but I will not have the opportunity to write her a last letter.  This saddens me, but I understand that this is the way it has to be. Tania would have graduated out of Compassion in 2013 and I'm thankful for the opportunity that I've had to write to and receive letters from her.  I've prayed for her and will continue to pray for her and her family. I pray that she'll still be able to complete High School, that her mom's job would allow for the fees/uniforms/materials. We have been blessed to have had her as part of our family!

Blessings, sweet Tania!  May you continue to grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and may your dreams come true!