Monday, March 19, 2012

A Rich, Delicious Cake...

Super-Awesome shares his birthday with St. Patrick's Day and so this year I tried to combine the two things... a birthday cake with an Irish theme.   Where do I go when I need a recipe that won't let me down?  You know it...  The King Arthur Flour Website.  I always do well when I try one of their recipes and this time was no different.

The Chocolate Stout Cake is what I ended up making.  Chocolate + Guinness Stout = amazing!  Who knew?
Baking Banter, the King Arthur Flour blog also has a post depicting this Chocolate Stout Cake recipe step by step with photos and you can find that post here.

Here are my photos:

I had a shamrock cookie cutter, plunked it down in the middle and then poured the sprinkles in.  Pressed them down and carefully removed it.  Most of them stayed within the contours of the shamrock.

A dense dark cake!

Shared at our neighborhood potluck & with our small group on Sunday!  A cake like this needs to be shared, for the good of all waistlines ;-)